Artick Painting and Decorating

Established 15+ years, many return customers. 
PO Box 6688, Parramatta, NSW, Australia, 2150
Phone: 1800 050 935
Fax: 02 9890 5416
Mobile: 0421816274

Artick Painting and Decorating - Established 1995.

At Artick Painting and Decorating, the expert staff are honest, punctual, and amicable. They are people you can implicitly trust in your home and on your property to be as respectful and unobtrusive as possible. Artick complete all projects with professional working standards, with clean and safe performance, and eco-friendly use of mediums and removal of all by-products.

"Approximately 75% of our business is a combination of return customers and personal word-of-mouth referrals" - More at Artick website link above.