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Eye Test Available Today! Medicare Bulk Billing Available at Store. 
Shop 4036 Westfield, 159-175 Church St, Parramatta, NSW, Australia, 2150

Eye Tests are recommended every two years.
At 1001 Optical, eye tests include:

* General vision and need for glasses
* Common eye diseases (glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration)
* Children's Vision
* Contact Lens consultations, including coloured contact lenses
* Colour Vision Screenings

Other general health related issues can affect the eyes. All optometrists at 1001 optical can address these matters, including Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol.

Sometimes booking an eye test is crucial:
When you are having trouble reading or seeing clearly, or when you are experiencing symptoms that may be caused by an eye condition.
o Regular headaches when reading or using a computer.
o Colour confusion, eg. blues with reds.
o Failing the vision test in a driving license renewal.
o Inability to read magazines with reading glasses on.
o Glare problems in normal lighting levels.
o Cannot see at night.
o Double vision.

See 1001 Optical website above for more information.